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I’m Doug Urisko and I’m the owner of MDL Radon Mitigation and Measurement LLC. I am fully insured and I’m certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program to provide the highest quality of service available. NRPP is recognized as the leading certification program for radon professionals, requiring bi-annual documentation of competence, expertise and performance. I will do everything possible to ensure that your home will be a safe place to live. I have been working with N.E. Radon Doctors who has been serving the North East for over 10 years. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can help you with all your Radon needs.


What Are The Facts About Radon?

  • Radon Induced Lung Cancer Kills over 20,000 Americans Each Year.
  • Radon is the leading cause of Lung Cancer for non-smokers.
  • Radon has been discovered in every state.
  • Radon levels differ door to door even if levels are low in your closest neighbor home.
  • You can fix a Radon problem.
  • New homes can be built with radon-resistant features.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General recommends ALL homes be tested for radon gas!

Our Services

Air Mitigation

Air mitigation involves reducing the level of Radon in the home utilizing: Active Soil Depressurization (ASD), Air to Air Exchange, or Avir Ventilation.

Water Mitigation

We’ll reduce the level of Radon in your water utilizing either granular Activated Carbon Tanks (GAC) or Aeration Systems.


We’ll test the air in your home for elevated levels of Radon using one of several options. For water tests, we take a sample from your hose or sink in the home and send to a certified lab.


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